Sentiment Analysis on Twitter with HP Vertica and IdolOnDemand

Sentiment Analysis allows us to determine the «attitude» of a speaker. For instance, we would like to read tweets from an event of our interest to identify which tweets are positive opinions, which are negative opinions and moreover, what’s the specific sentiment they are expressing. Is it love, hate, gratefulness? In this tutorial, we are […]

Lagunex Domino for Blackberry v0.9.7.0

Now with sound and Twitter! Please let us know if you like it leaving a comment in AppWorld 🙂 This release comes with interesting features for all our users. For all users: The game is now lighter. Less than 1MB so you can save space for other apps too. Multiplayer notifications are only sent when […]

Sortearemos 3 Versiones Premium al pasar los 100 seguidores

Estamos ya muy cerca de los primeros 100 seguidores en @LagunexDomino y planeamos celebrar esa primera meta sorteando 3 Versiones Premium. Si conoces a alguien que tenga el juego y aún no nos sigue, coméntale para que participe. Para participar debes seguir los siguientes pasos: Síguenos en Twitter @LagunexDomino Envíanos una imagen a nuestra cuenta […]