How to invite

You can invite all your contacts to download the game. The more friends you invite, the more you have to play with.

Inviting a friend to download the game:

  1. At the game’s main screen, press the menu button (the one with the BlackBerry logo) and look for «Invite to download…»
  2. Select the friends you want to invite from your contacts list. Only the friends who don’t have the game installed will appear in the list.
  3. Press the OK button to send the invitations.
  4. Your friends will receive a message with the game’s link to download it.

Inviting a friend to play with you:

  1. Wait a second to let the game connect to BlackBerry Messenger.
  2. Once it is connected you’ll see the «With friends» button at the top of the main screen and also the «Play with friends…» menu if you press the menu button.
  3. Click/touch the menu or the button to open your contacts list. Only the friends that have the game installed and connected in their phones will appear in the list.
  4. Select up to three friends to play a press the OK button.
  5. Check your game rules and replace the invitation message if you want to.
  6. Press «Invite» to send the invitation.
  7. Your friend will receive the invitation as a BlackBerry Messenger message from you and they can either accept or decline your invitation.
  8. Once you invite your friends you’ll be taken to the team screen. You’ll have to wait for everyone to accept.
  9. After everyone has accepted your invitation, you’ll be able to build the team. Move the players to their corresponding side and click with the trackpad to confirm your choice.
  10. Finally, press the «Start game» button at the bottom of the screen. If one of the teams have more than 2 players assigned, you will not be able to start. Check your teams and try again.

While your friends are waiting for the rest to accept, they can’t do anything at the team screen. It doesn’t mean the game is frozen. They will have to wait for everyone to accept and then wait for you to assign the teams and start the game.

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  1. Hi.. can you please create community page on this site, to share our PIN with other players? Hmm…Like only Premium user can access the page. At least only Lagunex Player can see our shared PIN. Let’s make this game more Fun.

    1. It is a PIN but not of a BBM contact but a BBM channel. You can also look for Lagunex Domino in BBM channels. If you don’t find it, send us an email and we will invite you. Cheers!

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