We’ll give away 3 Premium Versions once we get to 100 followers

@LagunexDomino is so close to 100 followers that we want to celebrate our small achievement giving away 3 Premium Versions. So if you know people who have the game but are not following us already, let them know!

In order to participate you must do the following:

  1. Follow us on Twitter @LagunexDomino
  2. Send us an image to our Twitter account of a game between you and at least one friend (team-mate or opponent) that you’ve recently won (at least 100 points).
  3. We will consider participants all followers who send pictures between today 3/2/2012 and next Friday 3/9/2012.
  4. Only one image per participant will be considered.

The three winners will be chosen randomly. We’ll let them know by Twitter first and then we’ll contact them directly to activate their Premium Versions*.

* The Premium Version will expire if the user deletes it from his phone after installing it. It is only one Premium Version per winner and it can’t be transfer to another person.

Tell everyone!

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